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Installing Memoreel Template Kit

To install this template kit, you need to install and activate the Elementor Page Builder free and pro plugin and an Elementor-compatible theme, such as Hello Elementor. Follow the steps below to install the template kit:

Download the original ZIP file

Download Template Kit ZIP file from Elements or Themeforest. Don't unzip the file. If you use Safari, you must disable "Open Safe Files after Downloading" under Preferences to ensure the file remains zipped.

Ensure the correct item type

Ensure the file you have is an Elementor Template Kit, not a WordPress theme or other Template type such as HTML or Adobe. Elementor Template Kits will always have "Elementor Template Kit" in the item title.

Install "Envato Elements" plugin

In WordPress, go to "Plugins > Add New" and search for "Envato Elements." Install and activate the plugin.

Upload Template Kit file

In WordPress, go to "Elements > Installed Kits" and click "Upload Template Kit ZIP File." Select the file you have downloaded from Themeforest or Elements. After a moment, the Template Kit should appear.

Importing Memoreel Templates

Now that you have installed the Template Kit, you can import your desired page templates,  blocks/sections templates, and Global Kit Style. Importing templates is as easy as following these steps:

View templates

After installing the Template Kit, click on "View Installed Kit" button. For best results, do not import more than one template at a time.

Install required plugins

Before importing a template, ensure the Install Requirements button is clicked to activate required plugins. An orange banner will appear above the loaded templates if your kit requires additional add-ons. Click "Install Requirements" for details. A popup will appear listing the plugins your kit needs installed or activated. Click "Install Above Selected Requirements" to proceed.

Install Global Kit Style

Click Import Template on the Global Kit Styles to load the global fonts, color profile, and other global layouts for your kit.

Import templates

Now you may begin importing your templates by clicking the "Import Template" button on the desired template. For best results, only import one template at a time.

Locate the templates after importing

In WordPress, go to "Templates > Saved Templates". You will find the imported templates here. For Elementor Pro, you will have additional Global templates under "Templates > Theme Builder", such as header, footer, etc.

Create Pages With The Templates

Let’s start creating the pages of your website with the templates.
Add a new page

In WordPress, go to "Pages > Add new" to create a new page. Give the name of the page into the Title field. Now click on the "Edit with Elementor" button. Elementor's builder interface will load in a moment.

Page setting

Click the gear icon at the lower-left of the builder to view page settings and choose "Elementor Full Width" in the Page Layout's dropdown option. Toggle the option in the "Hide Title" to Yes.

Import template into your page

Click the gray folder icon in the main body of the page. A popup window will appear. To access all the templates that have been imported, click on the "My Templates" tab. This will display all the templates that have been imported thus far. To load your desired template into your page, click the "Insert" button. Now edit the page content and styles as your requirements.